Enigma Lofts Sale Center

Enigma LoftsAragon Properties’ new 9-storey mixed-use development in red hot Bloordale Village is so unusual, and unusual on so many levels, that they had no choice but to name it Enigma Lofts. Just one look at the architect’s rendering, and you too will be left scratching your head somewhat as you try your best to figure out just what it is you’re looking at. With so many interesting shapes, lines, and contours, you could be forgiven if you find yourself tilting your head at odd positions as you try to get the correct perspective on what this new building is really all about.

Designed by award-winning Quadrangle Architects, a leading Toronto firm of architects whose work is instantly recognizable in countless scalene and obtuse triangles around the city, the Enigma Lofts promises to be a beacon for those who wish to proudly go where no right angle has gone before. Imagine a building that challenges your preconceptions about how a building (a habitable building, no less) should be shaped, and forces you to throw those preconceived notions out the, well, strangely shaped window. That is the enigma that this building is.


Located on quiet St. Helens Avenue, just off of Bloor and Lansdowne, the Enigma Lofts, with its 87 loft-style condos and two-level townhomes, is being conceived with the young and style-conscious buyer in mind. By combining great architecture with radical interiors (ranging from just over 400 to approximately 1,500 square feet), the developer hopes its new creation will appeal to individuals who simply aren’t going to settle for the mundane, the everyday, the ordinary.

According to David Wan, Aragon’s Director of Marketing and Sales, the challenge here was to come up with a product that stands out from the crowd, but still respects the storied neighbourhood that it resides within. “Just around the corner, you’ve got Little Italy, Little Portugal, Koreatown. And don’t forget Bloordale is in itself a mecca for tremendous variety in cuisine and watering holes,” says Wan.

He continues, “There is an incredible mix of culture, history, and flavour that makes up this community, and with that comes expectation. Our job was to meet that expectation by producing something that everyone who lives here, not just those who are inside the building, will feel proud of.”

But why not just build a regular building? Wan’s reply: “Aragon doesn’t really do ‘regular’. We have a long history (Aragon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year) of building homes that stand out from the crowd because we simply don’t believe customers should compare our product with others solely on price. We want to offer a value proposition that puts the price factor as a secondary or even tertiary consideration.”

Looking at the floor plans, however, it doesn’t appear as though practicality has been an afterthought either. With a wide variety of layouts (studios, one, one plus den and two-bedroom condos are augmented by three-bedroom townhomes) liberally sprinkled about in the Z-shaped building, the one thing that there’s no shortage of at Enigma Lofts is choice. Wan stopped short of providing pricing information at the time of writing, but indicated that pre-registered individuals would get prices first.