Check escrowed taxes, insurance as lenders struggle

This is just one of our articles referencing the financial crisis, crash of the housing market, subprime, and more:

What is your recourse if the mortgage company fails to pay your taxes? What if they do not pay your property insurance? If you read about your mortgage broker going to prison or see your mortgage company on Fox News with Shepard Smith you might want to check your statements. The lenders referenced below are strong and healthy and still made mistakes. Cases in point:

Tennessee: We called them to make sure, and they said Yes, your taxes are included in your note. After over a year went by, I called, and found out that they had NOT paid our real estate taxes that they were supposed to be paying all along. We had to go pay almost $2,000 cash in overdue taxes.

Georgia: Right after I refinanced in `04, HSBC took bought my loan, forgot to pay my escrow and from that my payments went up over $200.00 a month. I have owned my home since 1995 and was never late, paid my own insurance and taxes and never had a hitch. After they took it over, my insurance, due to their neglect, went from $450 a year to over $1500 and they will not talk to me about it. I lost my insurance company and had to find another to get their insurance off my loan.

California: It was finally determined that the back taxes were owed and that the owner, HSBC, would pay the taxes. Now after the loan and appraisal have expired and cost my son more money, the back taxes have not been settled.

Missouri: I checked my mortgage statement and found out my mortgage company paid $35 less than the amount billed by the insurance company. It only took one phone call and three follow-up calls to verify the mistake had been corrected.