River City Condominiums in West Don Lands

Introducing the River City Condominiums in West Don Lands. This development is by Urban Capital Property Group and and Waterfront Toronto. Currently its on its final phase. The first condo has already been constructed, and only a select few units are remaining. The secondo condo is currently in construction. It consists for 3 mini towers connected by a glass passageway. The third condo named River City Condominiums Phase 3 has started selling and is in pre-construction status. The actual address of this is on Eastern Avenue and Saint Lawrence. It will be a 28 storey tower with grey, black, and white exterior panels.

The area has been undergoing a revitalization. It was typically an industrial area. Some notable improvements include the Overpass, flood prevention, the parklands, and preparation for the 2015 pan-am games. The overpass which was once considered a dark and gloomy part of the city has been converted to a park. The city contributed about 5 million dollars to make this happen and it was worth the cost. New measures to prevent floods was added to the river including a landform that would keep the water where it belongs and not damage any property. With the largest park lands in Toronto you’ll be sure never to get over crowded in this location. There are 18 acres of lush green rolling hills to stroll or ride through. An athletes villages will be constructed for the 2015 pan american games and will be converted into a mixed use neighbourhood.

River City is also surrounded by three prominent neighbourhoods in Toronto. These include Corktown which is one of the oldest neighbourhoods with a lot to offer. Leslieville known for its film industry with several major companies around. The Distillery District known for its history buildings and entertainment venues. Considering this West Don Lands is a perfect locations to start a life or making an investment in.