Recommendations for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Get all of the info you will need on kitchen area cabinet refacing, and make sure your kitchen cabinet makeover shall be a stylish success.
kitchen_cabinetsIf you are contemplating a kitchen area makeover, but don't desire to break your budget on completely new cabinets, you will want to explore your alternatives for kitchen area cabinet refacing. Oftentimes, refacing your kitchen cupboards can provide them a "like fresh" appearance, or create a whole new style aesthetic for the kitchen even.
Pick in refacing the cabinets would be to attach clean plywood to the exposed cabinet sides. After cleansing and sanding the relative sides, apply the properly sized plywood item with carpenter's glue. Secure the plywood with end fingernails, sink the nail heads, fill up the holes with solid wood filler then.
Up coming, apply the veneer you've chosen. The main element here properly would be to measure, and go slowly when applying then. First, gauge the stiles (vertical framework) and rails (horizontal framework). Then work with a straightedge and a computer program knife to slice the veneer into strips which are ½ in . wider and 2 ins more time than each stile and rail. Slice the veneer therefore the wood grain runs lengthwise always. Contain the veneer strip up to an align and stile it so that it overlaps all edges, then peel aside the self stay backing and push the veneer into location, working down the stile slowly. Clean the veneer with a solid wood block or other smooth, hard object to work through any fresh air bubbles.
Next, use your utility knife to trim the surplus veneer from the relative sides of the stile or rail. When trimming at the joint between two cupboards, work with a straightedge as helpful information.
Your some other option for refacing would be to strip wood cupboards of these stain, sand right down to bare wood, and finish the cupboards with new stain or color. This is an even more labor-intensive process, but it is a viable option in case a press-on veneer isn't attractive to you.