5 of my Favourite Podcasts for Commuting

I only started listening to podcasts last year and now I'm obsessed. I'm someone who listens to the same music over and over again and a podcast just keeps me more interested on my commute, especially when I walk to work (about 45 minutes). I like listening to a mix of genres, sometimes more chatty and lighthearted, and also more informative ones. I am always on the hunt for new ones, so please tell me your faves in the comments!

Make It Happen
I love love love this podcast, and is written by a UK blogger/creative mentor who I have followed online for years, Jen Carrington. She describes it as 'a podcast for curious, big-hearted, purpose-driven creatives' and it is totally inspiring for any bloggers, creatives, or entrepreneurs. It's full of interesting interviews with creative people, covering things from money to burn-out to the online world. It's such a good quality podcast - go and listen!

Call Your Girlfriend
The description 'a podcast for long distance besties everywhere' really caught my attention last year when I had just left all my besties behind in England! It's basically like listening to two friends chat over the phone every episode, and they discuss everything from...

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