Trying to Find Christmas & the Best Gluten Free Gingerbread Men Recipe

Last weekend could otherwise be known as 'the hunt for Christmas'. On Sunday Alex and I searched high and low for a real Christmas tree. Having grown up in different hemispheres we have pretty different views on real vs fake Christmas trees, but eventually real won out (woop!). However the only ones we could find were either 10 foot tall or 1 foot tall, and at ridiculous prices, so we gave up. Next we traipsed from shop to shop trying to find a gingerbread man cutter... by now it was 30 degrees in the sun and it couldn't feel less like Christmas.

However we found one, these gorgeous gingerbread men came to the rescue (and a Love Actually movie session)! I've made this recipe for the last three years running and so I thought it was time I shared it with you. It's from the BBC Good Food site and it tastes just like gingerbread is supposed to taste - sweet, gingery, crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. I had to keep putting the dough in the freezer in between rolling as it kept melting in heat! This recipe makes about 20 - 25 gingerbread men depending on how big/thick they are. We doubled the recipe and ended up with a ridiculous amount - we both took 15 each to...

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